Contact: paulanasmith@gmail.com


Welcome to my website. I create art and illustrations using watercolour, gouache, pencil crayon, and acrylic. My work is mainly inspired by the children in my life, along with my love of animals, nature, and children’s literature. I have always been passionate about reading and enjoy creating illustrations for my favorite stories. I enjoy painting and drawing as a social activity, and love to be in the company of other artists. Many of my paintings are created alongside friends and family who also enjoy making art. I often work on projects with my two nieces who have endless enthusiasm for trying new things, as well as an unlimited supply of ideas and requests for images. In my spare time I also enjoy baking, skating, and riding horses. I live with my two cats and rabbit on beautiful Vancouver Island.

For any inquiries about art sales or commissions please contact me by email at paulanasmith@gmail.com